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In-Depth with Lectio Divina

We've been learning about the practices of Christian holiness during Pastor Steve's preaching series "Practices Make Perfect" and last week, we focused on Word & Witness. Let's go a bit deeper into what it means to practice the Word as a way of life by taking an in-depth look at an ancient Christian technique of encountering the scriptures, called Lectio Divina.

We've released 3 videos this week to help you understand Lectio Divina and make it a part of your regular routine. In the first, Pastor Steve explains one technique for Lectio Divina, using this Sunday's text, Isaiah 61 as an example. This is a great intro for beginners to find out what Lectio Divina means, or for those looking for a refresher to help understand the four steps and how they can transform the way you read the Bible.

Do you have trouble blocking out distractions to get your bible reading practice going? Maybe you need a bit more guidance to help you get into a contemplative mindset that can take you from an informational reading of scripture to a transformational experience of the Word. Not everyone can book a weeklong stay in a monastery to set the contemplative atmosphere, but you can check out our guided meditation-style videos to walk you through the process of Lectio Divina. These videos use mindfulness meditation techniques, audio landscapes, and inspiring images to guide you through the Lectio Divina process. Check out this week's peaceful winter guided mediation on Isaiah 61 and watch for more to come.

You don't have to wait for the next guided meditation video to make Lectio Divina a part of your daily routine. If you want to commit to making this practice a habit in 2021, check out this handy overview of Books & Resources that Pastor Steve recommends to help you strengthen your bible reading muscles. He also explores what it might look like to bring your Lectio Divina practice into a community setting.

There's plenty here to get you started on your scripture reading journey, but if you have any questions, comment below. Watch for our next post where we look at the other half of "Word & Witness" : sharing our part of God's story with others.



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