Sunday School

  • Nursery - (birth to 2) - yellow 11 on map

  • Toddlers - blue 9 on map

  • Elementary - blue 11 on map

  • Youth/Teen - green 1 on map

  • College Class - red 2 on map

  • New Covenant Class - green 2 on map.  Centered around the Nazarene Adult Sunday School curriculum. Class uses a discussion format, where participation is encouraged, but certainly not required.

  • Young Adults - green 6 on map.  A place for college age and young adults who are passionate about learning about Jesus to gather together in discipleship. We seek to grow deeper in our faith, build relationships and have a good time in community together.

  • Challenge to Living Class - red 6 on map Senior adults, mature Christians, yet young at heart. Learning new truths and personal growth in Him with an emphasis on fellowship with one another.

  • Spanish Class/Escuela Dominical - red 7 on map. Liderazgo con Propósito (Leadership with a Purpose)