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Music and visual arts are such an important aspect of our worship services as we aim to glorify the Lord at Nall Avenue Church of the Nazarene. Join us as we explore creative avenues of worship that glorify God while helping to form and shape us to the likeness Christ. Like the beautiful stained glass windows in our sanctuary, God’s light can shine through us (even through the broken pieces) to bring light and beauty to the world. In our worship services, you will be invited to participate in Christ-centered spiritual practices that range from ancient to new, from high church liturgy and traditional hymns to modern worship music, informal testimonies and prayer.  

We welcome worship team members of any age and look forward to collaborating with you to encourage people to draw closer to our Heavenly Father. 

We can’t wait to worship with you!

-Heather Barclay


Volunteer Opportunities include:

  • Vocalists for weekly services, small ensembles, and special music (English & Spanish)

  • Instrumentalists including guitarists, pianists, and percussionists

  • Lectors to read the scripture passages in worship services

  • Audio and Video technicians to manage live performances and record services

  • Graphic artists, writers, and content generators to facilitate social media interactions

  • Visual technicians to help plan and execute worship-enhancing imagery

  • Visual artists and decorators to create aesthetically pleasing and seasonally appropriate atmosphere



Lesley Abnos-Monarres

Worship Leader,

Spanish service

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